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FAQ (ang. Frequently Asked Questions)


It is a set of frequently asked questions by users accompanied by answers.


We created it so that you can quickly learn how Fioreo works.




What is Fioreo?



Fioreo is trading platform created in the form of an online auction.


It was designed for breeders, growers, wholesalers, retailers, etc.


That is for those who are involved in the broadly defined horticultural industry.



How do you benefit from using the Fioreo?



• We offer you the opportunity to have virtual trade meetings with your potential


customers from all over Poland. This allows you to bypass the middlemen, buying


from producers and direct distributors.




• You decide which offer you present to particular groups of users at Fioreo.


• With the system of comments you are sure about the quality of the goods,


that you buy and reliability of your cooperators.


• We know that the flowers are delicate and demanding goods and time has great importance.


Thanks to Fioreo you definitely sell more in shorter time.


• Experiment! Use our platform to enter on market with new products.


• You decide who will be your partner. You can create your favorites list


and block users.





From whom and what charges Fioreo?



1. The fee for VIP subscription fee (charged if the seller will benefit from them).



2. The fee for the listing the object 0 zł.


3. Commission on sales (it is charged to the seller; charged at the end of


auction; if the product is sold; from 1% set individually with a representative of our company.


Contact us and we will select a services package tailored specifically for you).


4. The fee for additional options (bold, backlight, distinction, promotion of auction on


main page; charged if the seller will benefit from them).



• commission on sale is calculated from annual turnover on Fioreo:


Annual turnover on Fioreo

Commission on sale

              to 10 000 EUR


              to 50 000 EUR


              over 50 000 EUR











Logging to the site



If you want to get access to the site, you need to log in.


To do this, click on the button LOG IN,


which is located in the upper part of the homepage.


After a while, a login window will appear, in adequate areas


you need to enter your username and password (check if CAPS LOCK is turned on by accident).




What is a Username?



Username is personal name of the users account. Select it during the registration.


Every time you want to log into Fioreo you


will be asked to enter your username and password.






The password should consist of 6 to 16 characters. You can create it with


a combination of capital letters, lower case letters and numbers.


To increase your security protect access to your username and password.




What do you do when you forgot your username or password?



In this case, you can use the forgot password option.


The window of this function is always next to the window that you use to logging in.


Enter e-mail address you provided during registration.


Username and password will be sent to this address.




How can I change my password?



You can do it on the Edit data bookmark.


From now on when you log in, use the new password.




Logging off



For safety, when you finish using the website log off.



Click on the top menu bar on LOG OFF.

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Project co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme for Greater Poland for 2007-2013